Luca Font Bergamo Custom Tattooing



Mixed tales from Cagliari and Bergamo

The Cagliari Tattoo Convention was small and not that crowded, but it has been a really nice experience and we met so many gentle people over there. Thanks to everybody I shared times and adventures, hope to meet you all again very soon.

Trivia: I never liked tigers.


Meet you there so you can come and get some prints of the split paintings I made with Giacomo 6dita.
Trades will be welcome.

Lazily made a couple of experiments as well yesterday.



Amongst the waves

Holidays anyone?
We painted the local skatepark last week – bgml’s crew in full effect. If you want to take a look to the results, check out some concrete surfing in this nice video…

That was the first time i painted a skatepark, and the first time I tattooed an opera singer. And when I say opera singer I mean both the subject and the customer…

Flower are always such a nice subject.

My buddy Lumazzi came back for more. More tea and more ink of course.

Last but not least, action picture courtesy of Alessandro Bertelle. Coils never looked so pretty.

Been around.

From Grosseto with love

The three days I spent working at Luxury Tattoo in the sunny town of Grosseto have been such a nice experience. Everything went smooth and chilled, and everybody was so cool – especially the whole crew leaded by the amazing tattooer (and fellow graffiti writer) Gianni Orlandini. Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the atmosphere, I hope to meet you all very soon.

Uh, I worked also.
Giorgio came from Aquila. Thanks.

Diletta wanted to get something to represent reality fading into memory. I love when people ask me to just develop ideas.

Giovanni and Ilaria, brother and sister, two in a row.
Sorry Giovanni, I really tried to get a better picture but I didn’t make it.

Metaphisical calf. I love this one, it was funny to draw.

Francesco is such a talented artist. And, he’s definitely insane.

Bonus picure took by Alberto Pepe for Southfresh.