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Late Update (Title with rhyme)

Update for the very beginning of the new year:
Will be working in Well Done Tattoos in Buenos Aires from januery 21th to 27th. Call or write to the shop for infos!

Trabajaré en Well Done Tattoos, Buenos Aires, desde 21 hasta 27 enero 2013. Para citas contactar el estudio Tel (00 54 11 ) 4832 6160.


Torino, ‘Yes we spray’ 2012
(No motherfuckers. I’m against smoke.)


Cagliari, with Fou and La Fille Bertha, 2012.
Thanks Ugo!


Cagliari, Black Magic @ Tattoo Mexican Family.
Thanks Ivan!


Cagliari, Running with scissors @ Tattoo Mexican Family


Torino for the second time in one month, working for Alessandro’s short movie.



Scary painting.
(Only for today, let’s pretend it’s for halloween – which is not)

Scary eagle.

Scary Chimp.

Scary horseman.

Scary weather.
(Ok ok it’s not that bad. But we’re nearly there)

novembre - dicembre

Up north

Been back and forth from Padova last week. Just posting some works done both here in Bergamo and down there in the Venice area.

Hold fast!


Old tattoo cover up. Had fun with this one!

Self explainatory.

Pangram. Try to guess.

Enrico’s granfather POW story in Dachau.

Biomachines vol.2.

Painted in Marghera. The rusty water tank was full of those empty skins. Odd insects!


Being an object lover I basically love, oh well, objects. Cameras, film rolls and prints are among them. I won’t pretend being a photographer, as I’m not – I just hang around tomando fotos and enjoying the sheer imperfection of the results. It looks funny and that’s fairly enough for me.
Took the following ones last summer in different places with different pocket cameras and rolls. No photoshopped or applied filters. Just printed and slippend them straight into the scanner.

Bergamo, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Isometric beach.
Rimini, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Rimini, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Rimini, Leica Minilux / Kodak Elitechrome / Xprocessed

Lucio painting.
Riccione, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Throwing Michele.
Riccione, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Rooftopping Michele.
Riccione, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Riccione, Leica Minilux / Kodak Elitechrome / Xprocessed

Enrico, ready to break in.
Bergamo, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Bergamo, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Luzzana, Polaroid 600

Mixing pigments.
Bergamo,Leica Minilux / Kodak Elitechrome / Xprocessed

Drawing chessboards.
Bergamo, Leica Minilux / Kodak Elitechrome / Xprocessed

Working at the skatepark.
Bergamo, Leica Minilux / Kodak Elitechrome / Xprocessed

Working at Skinwear.
Rimini, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Tivoli Lunargrund, view from the city.
Stockholm, LCA+ / Ilford 400

In transit.
Stockholm, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Massa Marittima, Leica Minilux / Kodak Elitechrome / Xprocessed

In transit.
Milano, LCA+ / Ilford 400

In transit.
Milano, LCA+ / Ilford 400

Bogota, Fuji disposable camera

The call.
Bogota, Fuji disposable camera

Scenes from the marriage party.
Bogota, Fuji disposable camera

Diana working on my feeble.
Bogota, LCA+ / Lomo 200

The end the roll made a great hat.
Bogota, LCA+ / Lomo 200


South America was really different from what I expected, even though I honestly can’t say what were my expectations. Colombia is plenty of sheer beauty and charming contradictions – and, most of all, everybody was so lovely and warm despite the bitter climate.
I really enjoyed the crazy life of Bogota and its amazing people, thanks you all.

I didn’t miss the opportunity to draw things down there, and I must give credit to the amazing Diana Torres because she both got tattooed and then dove us into some nice graffiti action along with Crudo and Data. That was a lot of fun, hope to see you all soon.

Chevere, amigos!

Back Home, some mixed prodution as well.